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What our customers are saying about us:


"TOTS will allow both state and local users to manage everyday workflow as well as monitor performance trends across time. Federal reports are readily available and ad hoc reporting gives users – both state and local – enhanced reporting capabilities.” (More...)

-Kirsten Hammock - Former Part C Coordinator of Kentucky First Steps


“TEIDS has become an integral part of operating a large state early intervention system. Without TEIDS, Tennessee would be facing continued federal scrutiny and possible enforcement action. The response and resolution time for significant new needs from TEIDS continue to impress even the most skilled data specialists” (More...)   

-Jamie Kilpatrick – Former Director of Early Childhood Program, TN DOE


"...we are finding that Yahasoft is genuinely interested in making this a full service, self contained system that will meet not only TEIS’s needs but also the needs of the other agencies that make our statewide program work” (More...)

-Susan Cameron - Former Data Manager of TN South Central District


"Many strengths …, including being able to see all the data from a supervisor's desk, being able to see all of a child's information across providers, integration of information across sources" (More...)

 -Rich Lewis - Former Director of Mid-South Resource Center, Univ. of Kentucky




Contact Information:

Yahasoft, Inc.
3245 Peachtree Pkwy
Suite D-446
Suwanee, GA 30024
877-416-1205 (p)


Software Solutions for Early Intervention and Special Education

Yahasoft Inc. is an information technology solution company. We develop, design, integrate and support web and client-server software applications for government agencies. We specialize in software solution for special education, especially early intervention.

Our goal is to provide the state, local and federal government agencies with high quality, user friendly and cost effective software solutions.

Yahasoft's core values can be summarized by four letters I-D-E-A: Innovation, Dedication, Excellence, and Accountability.

::  Major Recent Clients :: EI & SPED Software Highlight
  • First Steps 
    Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services
    275 East Main Street, HS2W-C
    Frankfort, KY 40621-0001

  • Early Childhood Programs
    Tennessee DOE 
    710 James Robertson Parkway
    Nashville TN 37243-0375

  • Child Development Services
    Maine DOE
    23 State House Station
    August, ME 04333

  • BabyNet Program
    South Carolina DHHS
    1801 Main Street
    Columbia, SC 29201

  • First Steps EIP
    Mississippi Department of Health
    P.O. Box 1700
    Jackson, MS 39215-1700

  • University of Kentucky
    Mid-South Regional Resource Center
    1 Quality Street, Suite 722
    Lexington, KY 40507

  • Tennessee Department of Health
    Cordell Hull Building, 3rd Floor
    Nashville, TN 37243

  • Web-Based Real-time Single Statewide Product 

  • State and federal policy enforcement via data system validations

  • Data system developed to be the entire IFSP/IEP Team's Record for Data Entry with Reports Designed Specifically for:

    - Service Coordinators

    - Case Managers

    - Teachers

    - Therapists

    - Evaluators

    - State and Local Admins

    - Parents

  • Key Data Elements Include:

    - Demographic/Referral

    - Full Contact Log History

    - Evaluation/Eligibility

    - Planned Service

    - Delivered Services      

    - All Accounts Payable and Invoicing for All Payor Sources Contained in One Data System

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